About First Dance Academy:

At First Dance Academy, we believe that the first dance is a cherished moment that deserves to be nothing short of magical. Founded with a passion for dance and a commitment to creating unforgettable memories, our academy specialises in personalised and memorable wedding dance lessons for engaged couples throughout Ireland.

About First Dance Academy Instructors

About First Dance Academy: Our team of certified dance teachers and professional dance instructors.

Welcome to First Dance Academy - Your Gateway to Extraordinary Wedding Dance Experiences!

First Dance Academy's Mission:

Our mission is simple yet profound - to help couples craft a stunning and captivating dance routine that perfectly reflects their unique love story. We understand that your first dance is not just a sequence of steps. It is a heartfelt expression of your love and commitment to one another. With our guidance and expertise, we aim to turn this beautiful moment into an extraordinary celebration of your love.

What Sets Us Apart:

Personalised Experience: Your love story is like no other, and your first dance should reflect that uniqueness. Our experienced and professional dance instructors work closely with each couple to design bespoke dance routines that align perfectly with their vision. Whether you dream of an elegant waltz or a fun and energetic choreography, we will tailor the dance to be an authentic expression of your love.

Skilled Instructors: Our team of professional dance instructors and certified dance teachers and choreographers is not only highly skilled but also deeply passionate about teaching. They excel at creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable every step of the way, regardless of your dance experience.

Stress-Free Learning: We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Our dance lessons are designed to be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Let our professional dance instructors take care of the dance preparations, so you can focus on creating beautiful memories and savouring the joy of your upcoming wedding.

A Memorable Wedding Experience: The first dance is one of the most unforgettable moments of any wedding celebration. With our beautifully choreographed routines, we add an element of surprise and delight for your guests, making your first dance an enchanting highlight that will be etched in their hearts forever.

We created an online Wedding Dance Tutorial to support our clients and make sure they don't forget anything they have learned during our lessons. 

Join Our Community:

About First Dance Academy: Our dance academy welcomes engaged couples of all ages and background, from beginners to experienced dancers. Whether you are taking your first steps on the dance floor or are looking to perfect your moves, we are here to guide you. We will support you on your journey to creating a captivating first dance either with our wedding first dance classes, our private lessons and or our online courses. 

Take the Leap:

We invite you to take the leap with us and embrace the magic of dance. Join our Wedding First Dance class or take one of our private lessons. Let First Dance Academy be your partner in turning your first dance into an extraordinary celebration of love. With our personalised dance routines, skilled professional dance instructors, and flexible packages, we are committed to making your wedding day even more special and unforgettable.

Contact us today to embark on this delightful dance journey together!

Meet First Dance Academy's Owner


Anthony Auffret

Meet Anthony, the humble proprietor of First Dance Academy and a seasoned choreographer. Originally from France, he has made his home in the scenic region of West Cork, where he resides with his wife and their three delightful children.

Anthony's dance journey commenced at a young age, igniting a lifelong passion for the art form. While he appreciates various dance styles, his heart beats in sync with the vibrant rhythms of Latin dances, including the infectious beats of Salsa, the playful steps of Cha Cha, and the passionate embrace of Tango, among others.

In 2002, Anthony and his former partner, Coral Perez Garcia, showcased their exceptional talent as finalists in the renowned Salsa World Championships.

Anthony Auffret

Emboldened by this experience, Anthony, by then a professional dance instructor, founded Dance Nation in 2004. This visionary enterprise encompasses acclaimed ventures such as Salsa Nation, Dancing Hen, and, of course, First Dance Academy.

Anthony's dedication to sharing his expertise knows no bounds. With humility and a genuine desire to inspire, he has conducted classes and workshops across continents, leaving an indelible impact on aspiring dancers in Europe, the United States, South and Central America, Asia, and Africa. Along his journey, he has garnered numerous awards, a testament to his unwavering commitment and the artistry he brings to the dance floor.