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Wedding Dance Lessons

Make your first Dance your Best Dance...Ever!

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No dance experience required.

Fast and Convenient: 1 single session in our studio (about 3 hours long), the rest is online at your own convenience!

Wedding Dance Lessons

Impress your Guests!

It's your Wedding, it's your Choreography, it's your Choice:

We will give you a wide range of dance options to match the song you picked and together we will create a choreography that suits your style.

We will make it easy, fun and rewarding!

From Simple & Elegant

To More complex & Impressive...

Your Choreography, Your Choice....

Kevin & Jena learned their choreography entirely from our Online Tutorial

Kevin & Jena learned their choreography entirely from our Online Tutorial

our wedding dancers

We are Choreographers

We specialise in Wedding First Dance.

We provide classes and workshops throughout Ireland and help couples choreographing their First Dance.

Choose 1 of the following 2 options:

You can learn in a private class with just you and your choreographer, in a small group or in an online course lead by a choreographer.

All options come with full access to our online Wedding Dance Tutorial.

Pick the option that suits you best!

NOTE: The choreography will be based on your chosen song, regardless of which option you choose below.

Studio Lessons

tailored to you

A 2.5-hour Private Lesson + Online Tutorial.

A week or so before your class we will send you our video catalog and ask you to pick a few moves and patterns that you like.

During the class the choreographer will teach you a choreography based on these patterns.

After the class you will use our online tutorial to practice your choreography and make sure you don't forget anything. 

Online Course


Lead by a Choreographer

4 to 6 Week Long Course.

This course comes with a guarantee: Money back if you are not satisfied. 

You will learn exactly the same thing as with the other 2 options.

You won't meet your choreographer face to face, however, he or she will follow you up for the entire course, offering advise, guidance and feedback through video analysis and chats.

You will be asked to send videos of your progress on regular bases.

LOCATIONS: Dublin - Cork

95% of our clients have never been to a dance class before.


Neil and Sadhbh

Patrick was brilliant! He put us at ease right from the beginning, breaking down all the movements for someone like me who is a complete beginner whilst making it thoroughly enjoyable!! Would highly recommend!

Emma and Colin

Jen was amazing! She put us at ease straight away, by being so friendly and high energy. We had great craic throughout the session and have ended up with a far better dance routine than we ever could have hoped for, even including a lift! Loved the way it was broken down into stages and built upon in a personalised way to the couple. We would love to continue dancing after the wedding after this experience! So so good, thanks Jen!

Shine on Your Big Day:

At First Dance Academy, we recognise the stress that often accompany performing a wedding dance in front of friends and family. 

Our mission is to turn this potentially intimidating experience into a memorable and enjoyable one that you'll cherish forever.

To achieve this goal, we offer private wedding dance lessons at our studios. Our highly skilled instructors are dedicated to helping you feel confident and at ease on the dance floor. They will work with you to select the perfect song and dance style, or help you refine the dance to your preferred song. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or have two left feet, our services cater to all skill levels and can help you achieve your desired level of mastery.

With First Dance Academy, you can rest assured that you'll shine on your big day.

Our locations: Athlone, Carlingford, Carlow, Clonmel, Cork, West Cork, Dublin, Ennis, Galway, Limerick, Mullingar, Waterford.

Triona Gallagher

Absolutely brilliant teaching from Anthony, very good at explaining and demonstrating the choreography and gives great advice. Also love the online tutorial that we have access to in the lead up to the big day.

Would highly recommend!


Highly recommend First Dance Academy! We were dreading our first dance as we’re both very uncoordinated and so signed up for the one-day workshop. We received a fantastic online tutorial that went through the basics with us ahead of time and then met Jen for our workshop. She put together a gorgeous routine for us which looked a lot harder than it was. I was amazed we managed it but she was so patient with us and we left feeling confident we could do it on the day. Thank you so much for giving us that moment to remember!


Anthony Auffret

Anthony Auffret

Anthony is the owner of First Dance Academy and the lead choreographer.

He is French and now lives in West Cork with his wife and their 3 young children.

Anthony started dancing at a young age. While he enjoys dancing many styles he favours Latin dances such as Salsa, Cha Cha, Tango...

In 2002, Anthony and his then partner Coral Perez Garcia, were finalists in the Salsa World Championships.

In 2004, he created Dance Nation, the company behind Salsa Nation, Dancing Hen and First Dance Academy.

He has taught classes and workshops throughout Europe, the U.S.A, South and Central America, Asia and Africa and collected many awards along the way.

Preparing for Your Class

We highly suggest that you take the time to get ready for your upcoming class.

This preparation will allow you to make the most of your time with your choreographer and get the maximum benefit from the experience.

To assist you with this, there are several easy practices you can do on your own at home.

After you have confirmed your class with us, we will send you all the necessary materials, including instructional videos, to help you get ready.

Quick Tips for an Elegant First Dance

Tip No 1: Keep your dance to under 3 minutes. 

Choreographing a 2.5-minute dance is a lot easier and a lot more manageable than a 5-minute song. 

Don't worry if the song you picked is longer than 3 minutes (most of them are ), they are a couple of ways you can deal with that.

You could for example cut the music using a free tool like Audacity if you are using a D.J.

With a band, simply tell them exactly what you are looking for.

A better option in our opinion is to get your wedding party to join you on the dance floor at a specific time. It's easy to organise, gives a smooth transition to the next phase of the evening, it's fun and it looks great.

Tip No 2: Make a plan.

We are not talking about the dance per se yet, but more about the overall plan:

Before your wedding, it's essential to plan and coordinate the timing of your first dance and entrance onto the dance floor.


Communicate with your partner and all relevant parties, such as musicians and wedding party members, to ensure everyone is clear on their role and responsibilities.

Make sure the music will start at the right time, either before or after the couple's entrance.

After the first dance, have a plan in place for your next move. If your wedding party is joining you, make sure everyone is aware and ready.

Consider assigning a designated guest to ensure a smooth transition.

To perfect these little moments, it's crucial to pay attention to details and be well-informed about your venue.

When visiting the venue, focus on the ballroom and the layout of the room, such as the placement of guests, to ensure that your routine takes these factors into account.

Tip No 3: Maintaining  Good Posture and a Smile.

Maintaining good posture and a smile during a dance is crucial for creating a positive impression, even though it might seem simple in theory.

Your body language and facial expression play a significant role in how you appear on the dance floor.


If you slouch or have a worried look on your face, it can detract from your dancing abilities, regardless of how skilled you are.

However, by standing tall and smiling, you exude confidence and radiate positivity, making you look good and feel good about your performance.

Tip No 4: Enhance Your Dance Skills with Professional Lessons.

If you're preparing for your big day, a dance lesson can make a remarkable difference in your performance on the dance floor.

Even if you have no prior experience, a few hours with a professional choreographer can help you feel confident and comfortable as you take center stage on your wedding day.

While some may feel intimidated by the idea of a dance lesson, it's a small investment in making your special day even more memorable.

Don't let the fear of feeling embarrassed in front of a crowd hold you back. Instead, embrace the opportunity to learn new skills and improve your dance moves.

At the end of the day, taking a dance lesson is a decision you won't regret. So go ahead and make the investment in your wedding day, and enjoy every moment of it!

Tip No 5: The Importance of Practice.

After you have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in dance, it's essential to put them into practice.

Regular practice will not only enhance your dance abilities, but it will also boost your self-confidence and make the learning process enjoyable.

The more you practice, the better you'll get, so make sure to set aside time for this important step in your dance journey.

Need help picking a song?

If you are looking for a little inspiration to chose your First Dance song, check our Top 10 First Dance Songs

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wedding dance lessons
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Ardfield, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

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wedding dance lessons
wedding dance choreography