Private Lesson - In Studio

The private lesson is 2.5-hour long and it's a single session.

Before you meet with your choreographer you will be asked to look at a couple of short videos to prepare for your lesson. 

After your lesson you will be encourage to use our online tutorial to practice your choreography and make it perfect!

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The price is €249 and includes full access to the online Wedding Dance Tutorial.

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Dance is a captivating art form that allows individuals to express their emotions and creativity through movement.

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting your dance journey, the guidance of a skilled choreographer can make a world of difference.

Let us delve into the realm of dance and explore the incredible value of a 2.5-hour private lesson complemented by an online tutorial.

This combination offers a holistic approach to enhancing your dance skills and achieving excellence in your dance endeavours.

The 2.5-Hour Private Lesson:

The heart of this experience lies in a single 2.5-hour private session.

Though it may seem brief, this session is an intensive and personalised dance immersion led by an expert choreographer.

During this time, you'll receive one-on-one instruction, tailored to your skill level and aspirations.

The choreographer will guide you through intricate dance techniques, refine your movements, and help you discover your unique dance style.

Preparation Through Video Instruction:

Prior to your meeting with the choreographer, you'll gain access to a selection of concise instructional videos. These videos serve as a preparatory tool, allowing you to familiarise yourself with fundamental dance concepts and steps. By acquainting yourself with these fundamentals, you'll arrive at your private lesson well-prepared, ready to delve deeper into the world of dance with confidence.

Enhancing Your Skills with Online Tutorial:

The learning experience doesn't conclude after your private lesson; it extends further with our comprehensive online tutorial.

This resource is a treasure trove of valuable content, including detailed breakdowns of choreography, practice routines, and expert tips.

Through the online tutorial, you can revisit your choreography at your own pace, practice specific steps repeatedly, and refine your overall performance. It's a dynamic tool designed to support your growth as a dancer, ensuring that you grasp every nuance and master your routine with precision.

If you're ready to elevate your dance skills and embark on a captivating journey, we invite you to fill out the form above.

Our team will be delighted to assist you on your dance voyage, guiding you towards the excellence and joy that dance can bring into your life.

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